Fat Gripz – The Secret to Big Arms?

fatgripzIf you are like me then you probably look at bodybuilders, pro athletes and Marine types and wonder how they got such huge arms. Obviously it takes a lot of dedication and hard work, but there have to be some additional secrets that these guys are keeping to themselves. My research led me to Fat Gripz, a revolutionary workout product that has made it easier to target and build muscles. After reading one positive Fat Gripz review after another I decided to find out more about the product for myself to see what all of the hype was about. The following Fat Gripz review will break down some of the pros and cons of the product, so you know whether it is a worthwhile investment. But first it is important to know what Fat Gripz are and what they do.

What Are Fat Gripz?

Fat Gripz are rubber grips that are added to workout bars to make them thicker. Fat Gripz slide onto just about any weight bar or dumbbell to double the thickness of the bar. You might ask why that is important. Well, thick bar training has long been used by bodybuilders and athletes as a way to build up strength in the forearms and biceps. The theory is that your body will not let muscles get out of proportion, so you will not be able to get bigger biceps unless your forearms get bigger as well. FatGripz targets these weak areas, which allows weightlifting to work more effectively. Weight is spread more evenly across the body, allowing for more muscle activation, which is the key to building strength and mass. Basically it aims to emulate the effects of a thick bar workout without you needing to run out and buy a bunch of expensive equipment.

The Pros of Fat Gripz

1. Spread weight more evenly across the body

Using Fat Gripz helps spread the weight across your body evenly, which puts less pressure on joints, elbows, shoulders and wrists. This is a great advantage, as it lessens the chances of injury. Less injury and joint pain means that you can work out longer. It will actually allow you to lift more weight, as it will be spread evenly among your core muscles.

“I’ve found the fat grips to be very helpful in reducing the stress on the elbows as well. I was unable to perform dips and skull crushers for months before he use of the fat grips.” — jaybois, elitefitness.com

2. Muscle activation is increased

When you hold a bar with FatGripz it will force your hands and forearms to work harder. When one muscle works hard, it activates the others around it, which helps increase strength and makes the workout more efficient. By targeting these weaker areas you will build strength in them, while also making the surrounding muscles work harder.

“holy crap my freakin hands and forearms are sore already. the pumps in the forearm and bis was ridiculous.” — ambulldog, anabolicminds.com

“its fair to say they do the job! My forearms are still hurting and I only used them on deadlifts on 50% of my 1RM” — AarronStenner, simplyshredded.com

3. They promote muscle balance

Your body will naturally try to stay in proportion. This means it will slow down muscle growth in biceps and chest if the forearms and hands aren’t keeping up. You will eventually reach a plateau where it becomes very difficult to gain extra mass. Fat Gripz eliminates these imbalances so that your forearms and hands are developing right along with the rest of the muscles. This is the secret to getting those huge guns you see on bodybuilders and pro athletes.


4. Fat Gripz are durable and long lasting

They are made out of a high density compound that is used by the U.S. military. They grip the bar tightly and do not compress, so they will not wear out. Since these are being used by such groups as the NFL, U.S Military and MMA academies, you know they are high quality.

5. Fat Gripz are relatively cheap when compared to thick weight bars or thick dumb-bells

Most gyms have a set or two of thick bar weights for people to use. What you might not realize is that these sets can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so most people will not be able to afford to have a set like that for their home gym. It allows you to transform the bars you already have without buying a whole new set of dumbbells or weight bars. They cost less than forty dollars, which means just about anyone can afford to add this product to their weight lifting equipment.

The Cons of Fat Gripz

No Fat Gripz review would be complete without listing a few of the negatives. Since these are so inexpensive and work so well, it was hard to come up with negatives, but here are the most commonly found ones.

1. Fat Gripz are unnecessary

Some bodybuilders say they can get the same results just by wrapping a towel around the bar. The truth is that this method might work, but it will not be nearly as comfortable or effective as FatGripz. The towel will slip and slide, which could even lead to injuries. Fat Gripz do not slip and make sure your weakest muscles are targeted effectively.

2. Fat Gripz might not work

There are always doubters when it comes to any workout product. However, FatGripz offers a risk-free 60 day guarantee. If you don’t like it you can return it for a full refund. They are so sure that Fat Gripz will work for you that they’ll even pay for the shipping both ways. If you are worried about the effectiveness, then this guarantee should alleviate any concern.

What Do Real Users of Fat Gripz Have to Say?

As mentioned earlier, there is an overwhelming number of people out there who absolutely rave about their results with this product.  Here are some of them.

“I use them. I think they’re great.” — D_RWF, menshealth.co.uk

“I bought the Fat Gripz and I love them. They make even light weight deadlifting incredibly hard.  They’ve helped a lot. I can grip and lift a lot more than I’m capable of actually locking out.” — Kag, startingstrength.com

“They have improve my grip strength in the deadlift A LOT. And also removes a lot of stress of the elbows on the bench press (at least for me). Is the best alternative to an actual fat bar and if you use them at least in one movement in your workout yo will notice an improvement in a few months.” — Spaniard, startingstrength.com

“My upperbody has grown quite a bit and my grip strength is getting ridiculous.” — SouthernLord, elitefitness.com

Watch Bryan Marshall, Olympic weightlifting champion and member of the Canadian National Olympic Weightlifting Team who has this to share:

The Verdict – Is This Worth Your While?

It is clear that the benefits of Fat Gripz far outweigh the negatives. You don’t have to take my word for it. The Internet is riddled with testimonies from pro athletes, MMA fighters and military personal that rave about the results they have gotten using FatGripz. With such a low price and a 60 day guarantee there is really no risk involved with trying it out. If you don’t get the results you want you can always send the product back for a refund. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you are looking for ways to build up strength and muscle in your body then you should definitely give it a try. Fat Gripz are the secret to those giant arms we all envy and it turns any lighter weightlifting session into a powerful grip session at the same time.

Where’s the Best Place To Get the Best Deal On FatGripz?

So you’ve decided on getting one of these.  Where is the best place to get the best price? When it comes to buying things online, it is important to get the best deal.  Equally important is getting the results you want from it.  For around the price of a tub of protein and for something that lasts for many workout sessions, they are very affordable. It definitely beats spending hundreds on an actual thick bar. While you may be able to buy imitations or knock-offs of this item, it is still recommended to get the original.  You are guaranteed a durable product and also better performance.  Buying direct from the manufacturer gives you the assurance that there’ll be support when you need it.

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