Facts About Grip Strength Exercises: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

Grip strength exercises are among the most underrated gym trainings around the world. Everyone is concerned about biceps, triceps and abdominal muscles. And these grip muscles are often ignored by the young people working out in the gymnasiums. But these grip muscles truly represent ultimate manhood, strength and muscular capacities. Let’s explore more about some amazing grip exercises that will help you make this muscle group stronger and more powerful. Here, you will also explore few great tips from experts about developing manly grip muscles almost instantly that translate to improved upper body strength.

Anatomy of Grip Muscles: How Two Different Groups of Muscles Work?man doing pullups

There are about 20 muscles in each forearm that are collectively termed as grip muscles. These muscles are subdivided into two groups: flexor muscles and extensor muscles. These groups are named according to their main actions. These muscles help in gripping, pulling weight and carrying items.

Stretching these muscles will help you make these muscular groups stronger and more powerful. These muscles build a meshwork with numerous tendons and ligaments. Following the proven gripping exercise will help you rebuild the meshwork with better capabilities and strength.

Advantages of Having Stronger Grip Muscles: An Overview

#1  Bigger grip means better control: Stronger grips represent manhood. Guys with larger grips often feel proud about their impressive “Handshakes”. But a spacious grip definitely ensures better control and mobility. Stronger grip and forearm muscles will help you control things with better comfort.

#2  Stronger grips means higher lifts: Most successful weightlifters have had stronger grips than a normal adult. This clearly was the reason why they can lift more weight without much effort compared to a guy with weaker grip. All the weightlifters are specially trained for strengthening their grip muscles and improve their lifting skills.

#3  Sturdier grips mean better injury resistance: Physiotherapists and orthopedic specialists have conducted several researches and found that people with stronger and larger grip have better resistance against muscular injuries to the upper extremities. Most professional gymnasts and weightlifters have to undertake different vigorous grip strengthen exercise in order to enhance their muscular capability.

#4  Stronger grips mean better later-life quality: People often suffer from gripping problems in their later lives. They often complain about incompetent control and mobility due to their weak grip muscles. The muscular grips in the arms and forearms also undergo aging and result into decays. Regular workouts and maintenance will definitely help you retain the quality of later-life.

Types of Grip Strength exercises: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Depending on different hand movements, these grip strengthening exercises can be grouped into few categories. Let’s explore those basic movements and learn how those can help you build stronger grip muscles.

  • Crushing: crushing a soft but sturdy material using the gripping force will help you develop stronger flexor muscles in the forearm. Crushing the tension ball and crunching the newspaper is an effective grip strengthening exercise.
  • Pinching: this movement helps the finger-muscles grow stronger and more mobile. Pinching heavy plates also help building strong grip muscles.
  • Supporting: you can make grip muscles stronger by supporting heavier structures. You can perform deadlifts, kettle bell exercises or rowing in order to strengthen the grip muscles and the muscular compartments of the forearm.
  • Flexion and extension: these are basic muscular movements of the extremities. There are several muscles that form flexor compartment and the extensor compartment is also built similarly. Performing controlled flexion and extension will help you stretch the muscles, ligaments and tendons. Stretching these muscular connective tissues will enhance their capabilities and strength. But experts recommend following standard exercise techniques to avoid unexpected hazards or tearing.

5 Best Grip Strength Exercises: A Comprehensive List of Grip Workouts

Most of these exercises discussed here can be done at home. You won’t even need exclusive exercise tools to work out. According to most expert trainers, these exercises can be done while doing your daily chores. So, you should definitely try these and strengthen those muscles of manhood.

#1 Using hand grippers: These grip tools are fun, easy to use workout resources for anyone. You can strengthen your grip muscles, tendons, ligaments and muscles of forearm using this small power tool. You should 10 repetitions alternatively for each hand. Experts recommend using this hand grip tool for 2/3 times a day.

#2 Using pull-up bars: These pull-up bars not only help you build your biceps and triceps; but also can help you strengthen your grip muscles. You have to hold these pull-up bars for a while and walk with straight hands for at least 30 yards or as far as you can go. You have to repeat this for 5 times a day to make your forearm and grip muscles stronger.

#3 Ball squeezing: Many people say that squeezing the tension balls is an effective way to strengthen the grip muscles. Though, tension balls are prescribed for relieving stress or psychological pressure. But these work for building muscle of the forearms and grips. Experts don’t have specific recommendations or schedules for such exercises.

#4 Crunching newspapers: This is one of the most popular gripping exercises since the old days. You won’t need a specific exercise tool; rather an old newspaper will help you build grip muscles. There is no expert recommendation about these traditional methods. It’s a method you can repeat as many times as you want.

#5 Plate pinching: This is also a popular traditional grip strengthening exercise. To follow this method, you will need 3/4 plates. If you’re not used to lift weight, you should pick 5 lbs plates. If you are comfortable with lifting weight, you can take 10 lbs plates too. You have to pinch 2 plates in one hand and lift the weight. This effectively improves your grip muscles and strengthens flexor muscles of the forearm.

What You Should Do Next?

If you have already joined a gym for supervised physical training, you should also concentrate on the grip muscles. Grip strength exercises will help building stronger muscles in different compartments of your body. These muscles will help you enhance several fitness skills – weightlifting, rowing, stretching and so on. Don’t dare to ignore grip strengthening exercises; rather explore the standard techniques and follow them precisely.

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